Time Is With Art Wristlet

Time is with Art
Time is with Art by ThomasPaulMurphy
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Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Moon Wristlet Purse

The Moon Wristlet Purse
The Moon Wristlet Purse by ThomasPaulMurphy
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This purse is made with a high resolution image of the moon that I took on a day when the moon was closest to the earth! Cool, says' I! 

Night Owl Purse

This purse features a high resolution photographic image of a Great Horned Owl and the Moon! It makes a great conversation piece. There is actually a story behind this owl. It was given the name Dakota and it was a nature center owl. It was stolen from the nature center in Waukesha Wisconsin by two boys and barely survived! The image of the moon was indeed taken when it was closest to the earth. But none of that has to be important to you in order to like the image created. ~ I like it just because it is a night owl with the moon! The perfect purse for that special person that likes the night life!
Night Owl Wristlet Purse
Night Owl Wristlet Purse by ThomasPaulMurphy
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Time Is With Art Wristlet Purse

It is not the Eiffel Tower but it is located in Milwaukee? It is a photographic image of the Calatrava Extension to the Milwaukee Art Museum. The image also includes a clock in the background. Hence the poetic expression Time is with Art. But it means something more than an art center and a clock. It means that art is timeless? Or that art is a constant or truth? With all of our sciences art is indeed the greatest constant that transcends time into the future?

Time Is With Art Wristlet Purse